Joti Brar on RT: Imperialism’s fascistic proxy armies and MSM lies

British secret services are covertly grooming disaffected young men from poor backgrounds into neo-nazi and jihadi gangs to be sent anywhere in the world.

Joti Brar speaks to RT news about US and British imperialism’s use and support of extreme right-wing forces and the media’s condemnation, or support of, those same forces depending on which narrative the imperialists are spinning at the time.

Osama bin Laden and the Afghan mujahideen were once heralded by the western press as ‘freedom fighters’, not because they really fought in the interests of the Afghan people, but simply because they were imperialism’s proxy force against the Soviet Union. In Syria, west-created jihadi armies of foreign fighters were unleashed on the country to try to depose its independent government, but presented in western media as homegrown ‘moderate rebels’.

So too in Ukraine. We have seen fascism, created and nurtured by the imperialist powers, being revived and turned against the enemies of imperialism once more.

Comrade Joti points out:

“They create these proxy armies for times when they need motivated fighters. The thing is, imperialism’s causes are unjust, so its hard to have armies which are well-motivated.”

Western ‘democracy’ needs motivated fighters to do its dirty work if it is to maintain its global hegemony. But it’s hard to convince its own armed forces of the righteousness of this cause once they come face to face with the people they are sent to suppress.

At the start of the Iraq war, US soldiers had been convinced they would be greeted by the Iraqi people as heroes and liberators. It took no time at all for the resisting masses to convince them otherwise.

Meanwhile, the mouthpieces of imperialism continue to spew lies and more lies on the topic of Ukraine, and those parts of the public who are still paying any attention by and large believe them.

It is up to us to help our fellow workers to see the context for and historical development of current events, to reveal their patterns, and to apply Marxism in order to fully understand how imperialism works so we can expose the lies and motivations of establishment politicians and media.