Support the just cause of peace and reunification in Korea

The only real impediment to Korean reunification is the occupation of the south by US imperialism.

Party statement

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Park Chong Chul, a male judo coach from the north, and Chung Un Soon, a female basketball player from the south, lead a joint Korean delegation at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, holding aloft the flag of unification.

The following motion was passed unanimously by the party’s eighth congress in September.


– That the historic meeting between Comrade Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, the US president, is a great victory for the DPRK’s consistent policy of strengthening its defence capability while simultaneously improving its economy.

– That the US has been obliged to deal with the DPRK as an equal in the bilateral discussions.

– That the US has conceded the persistent call of the DPRK for the suspension of the US-south Korean annual military exercises along the line dividing the north from the south as provocative.

– And that the US has conducted a serious dialogue with the DPRK concerning peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

This congress resolves to send heartfelt greetings to the Korean people, to the government of the DPRK, to the Workers’ Party of Korea and to Comrade Kim Jong Un on this historic occasion.

This congress further resolves to continue its full support for the just stance of the DPRK, and calls upon the US to vacate the Korean peninsula and to leave the Korean people to resolve the question of the reunification of their country by themselves alone, through peaceful north-south dialogue and negotiation.