Poem: Birthday honours

By David Cozens

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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Birthday honours big and small

Shower from the royal stall

There are plenty to bestow

On crawlers and grabbers high and low

Medals and titles by the score

Are given to those who rob the poor

Gongs for service to the ruling class

Gongs to people dishonest and crass

Birthday honours for crooks and spies

To politicians for telling lies

To union leaders for holding back

The struggle of workers against the sack

The gongs are given far and wide

But hypocrisy they cannot hide

For many recipients crow and shout

“In the rulers’ trough I’ve got my snout!”

To the honest few that earned some praise

The award is demeaned by a stinking malaise

By inbuilt corruption from on high

By a stench that reaches to the sky

So let us cease this annual charade

Replace it with a May Day parade

That honours all who fought and died

For working-class honour, unity, pride