Solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The following resolution was passed at the recent CPGB-ML party congress.

This congress reaffirms the CPGB-ML’s unconditional support for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In particular, congress supports the DPRK’s right to defend itself from hostile actions and threats from imperialism – US imperialism and Japanese imperialism in particular – by developing its military capacity and technology, including nuclear weaponry and rockets, as the only means of safeguarding peace in the Korean Peninsula.

Furthermore, this congress supports the DPRK’s right to develop satellite technology for whatever purpose it sees fit, just as any other country in the world does.

This congress calls upon US imperialism to lift all sanctions against the DPRK, to stop the practice of holding aggressive military exercises in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula, and to abandon its efforts at bringing about regime change in the DPRK.

Congress recognise that Korea is one and supports every effort by the Korean people to secure the unification of their country, and we upohold the right of the Korean people to determine what economic system or economic systems they shall implement without outside interference.

This congress expresses its undying admiration for what the DPRK thanks to its socialist system is able to achieve in the field of advanced technology and in safeguarding the happiness and wellbeing of its people in the face of the crippling obstacles that imperialism puts in its path.