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Letter from a viewer to our YouTube channel.

I thought this video was very well pitched, and gave a good overview of the main tenets of Marxist economic theory. I’d go as far as saying that watching this video should be required viewing for all, especially younger members or those wishing to refresh themselves with Marxist economics.

I particularly liked the vital and necessary linkage to how the greed of capitalism can and does reinforce and perpetuate war (one of many guises for western democracy!!)

I think, unfortunately it may only be Marxist Leninists who appear to understand how the concentration and centralisation of the banks (and their dominance) seduce what governments may or may not choose to do on an almost daily basis, (ie, who to assist and who not to).

I’m saddened and stung in a way by Ella’s accurate comments towards the end about the reoccurrence of war on a global scale, given that capitalism is still lingering like a slow cancer on our society.

My only uplifting thought was that I hope that, as a truly Marxist party, we can indeed enable and equip the working classes in order to take up the fight and, blow by blow, dismantle this disproportionate, archaic and unjust system that we still find ourselves in.

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