Korea: 60 years of freedom!

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Proletarian writers

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On the 60th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-53, the CPBG-ML’s international solidarity barbecue was addressed by the DPRK’s ambassador to Britain, Comrade Hyon Hak-bong, who gave a stirring speech and answered questions from the audience.

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The meeting celebrated the great victory of the combined forces of socialism against the robber barons of the USA, who had never before been defeated in 150 years of imperialist warmongering.

The brave Korean fighters were joined by more than a million Chinese soldiers who made up the People’s Volunteer Army. Chairman Mao’s own son was one of their number and died in Korea during the war. Meanwhile, the USSR gave air and technical support, despite the danger of a US first nuclear strike against them. (This was seriously discussed by the American invaders several times during the course of the war.)

As well as speeches, the meeting featured a short film demonstrating how the US planned and instigated the war in Korea. The speeches were followed by cultural items that included performances by children of the Korean embassy’s staff.

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They sang songs that were popular during the war, and the audience was moved to remember the 4 million Koreans (1 in 6 of the country’s population at the time) who had been killed in the genocidal slaughter perpetrated against them.

A thriving and positive socialist culture is just one of the ways in which the people of the DPRK are enjoying the fruits of 60 years of peaceful existence, in spite of the sanctions that hinder the development of their country, and in spite of the constant threat of invasion and nuclear war by US imperialism, which still occupies the southern half of the Korean peninsular.

Speeches from the event will be available on our party’s YouTube channel soon. See youtube.com/proletariancpgbml.