Poem: ‘A Postgraduate’s Lament’

by Rhiannon Owens

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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Unemployed, with a degree,

this isn’t how life was going to be,

when will a career come my way?

I’m filling out application forms every day.

Over qualified and under experienced, that’s me!

Post grad low employment rates, higher student fee,

shouldn’t the government be on our side?

It feels like I should stay in bed and hide.

Trips to the dole and agencies too,

tell me please what would you do?

Marc Bolan was wrong when he said life’s a gas,

to quote from Blondie its a ‘pain in the ass!’

“Are you still not working?” friends ask, contempt in their eyes,

and there beginneth those little white lies ….

“oh yes! I’ve lined up this opportunity/project/venture,

life has become such a positive adventure!”

I tell you now I really am trying,

but they act in the job centre as though I am lying.

Nobody listens to what I say,

can’t someone help me out in some way?

Potential employer, I present my CV,

do you have a job for me?

Here goes: working class, 23,

Unemployed, a degree,

disillusioned? Yeah, that’s me!

:: Poem – Response to A Postgraduate s Lament , Proletarian issue 50 (October 2012)