Song for Godfrey

Words by Ella Rule. Music originally composed for Rosalía Castro’s poem ‘Adiós Rios, Adiós Fontes’ by Amancio Prado

Sing farewell to Comrade Godfrey

Our sorrow is so deep

We miss you when we’re waking

And we miss you when we sleep

We remember all the good times

When you made us laugh and smile

When you cooked us bacon fry-ups

In your own especial style.

Remember how you kept us waiting

In the wind and in the rain

While you wrote down your car mileage

And counted lit – oh what a pain!

Remember how you got quite dizzy

On a single glass of beer

So you always stayed quite sober

So’s to drive us far and near

Such a fav’rite with the children

Such a true and loyal friend

How we loved your witty sayings

And the poems that you penned

We still see you in the print room

Meticulous in your care

To ensure our publications

Reached the masses everywhere

Godfrey, Godfrey, Godfrey

Our eyes with tears are full

When we think you’re gone forever

How can fate be so damn cruel?

We see you standing at the forefront

Of every march and rally

In all weathers and conditions

Holding up our banner gladly

You who always thought of others

And never of yourself

You laboured without ceasing

The working class to help

Now that you’re no longer with us

To bear it’s very grim

You’ll still be our inspiration

And your light will never dim

We will take the struggle forward

Fighting hard to fill your shoes

We’re so lucky to have known you

That’s something we’ll never lose

We will follow where you led us

Along revolution’s road

It will be our life’s endeavour

To keep going with your load

To keep going towards freedom

Upholding our red flame

And in socialist Britain

Bring honour to your name