Greetings from South Africa

The following letter was sent to us from the South African Marxist Workers School following the successful speaking tour that we organised for its chairman, Comrade Khwezi Kadalie.

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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On behalf of my organisation, I would like to thank you, the central committee of your party and all the members of the CPGB-ML for the well-organised tour of which I was proud to be part.

We believe that this tour laid the foundation in our common struggle against imperialism and for the emancipation of the British and South African working class, and our common struggle for a socialist future.

We know that our efforts to establish a revolutionary proletarian party based on Marxism Leninism will receive your support and ideological guidance, and we know that we can count on your comrades’ vast political experience in the class struggle.

We will do everything necessary on our side to support your party and the struggle of the British proletariat.

During this tour, not only were the bonds between our two organisations laid, but many personal bonds of friendship, which we will treasure. Your hospitality and generosity, our discussions and exchange of experiences have left a lasting memory.

Yours in the struggle for socialism

KK, South Africa

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