Celebrating October: videos, a poem and a letter

Proletarian writers

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Proletarian writers

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The three excellent speeches that were given at our recent meeting to mark the 94th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution are now available to view online.

See pictures of the meeting

Voice of the youth

Red Youth’s Comrade Jamie opened the meeting with an eloquent explanation of why October offers hope to young people in Britain, making particular reference to the experience of the August youth uprisings.

Watch Jamie's speech

Voice of experience

Comrade Harpal of the CPGB-ML delivered the keynote speech, in which he explained the historical significance of the October Revolution, the achievements of Soviet socialism, and its ongoing relevance to workers in Britain.

Giving a detailed explanation of modern imperialism, its wars and its global capitalist economic overproduction crisis, he showed how the analysis given by Marx and Lenin not only explains these, the major problems that humanity – and in particular the working and toiling masses – are facing, but shows us the way forward to their solution.

Capitalism cannot be reformed, regulated, moderated or otherwise made to serve the interests of working people. It must be overthrown! We must discard all those parties who pretend otherwise, particularly the social-democratic Labour party, and its revisionist and Trotskyite hangers-on, who act as agents of imperialism (misguided or malicious) in the working-class movement. In this as in so many regards, October shows us the way!

Our job, Harpal emphasised, is to make this Marxist-Leninist analysis truly popular, well known and understood, and to inject the spontaneous protest and resistance movements with clear scientific analysis that can sustain them and help them to direct their blows.

The October revolution has shown that working people, when united and organised around a correct understanding and a disciplined party, and when guided by such an analysis, are really able to achieve unity of action; to become an army of millions and tens of millions, which no capitalist power can resist.

Watch Harpal's speech

Voice of the oppressed

Comrade Asari of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party delivered a thought-provoking speech.

He talked about the many national-liberation fighters and socialist leaders who have led their people in successful struggle against imperialism – and the murderous assassination squads that have been imperialism’s answer to their message of truth, uplift and humanity.

We must be revolutionary in our outlook and methods of struggle, says comrade Asari, for reforms cannot abolish the fundamental contradiction between capital and labour that lies at the heart of our problems, and at the heart of capitalism.

Watch Asari's speech

Comrade Stalin in Red Square, 1941

The meeting watched a film of the inspiring and historic speech given to the Soviet people by Comrade Stalin on the 24th anniversary of October, during a parade held while the Nazi invaders were at the very gates of Moscow.

Watch Stalin's speech

A poem for liberation

Comrade Godfrey recited his poem on the relevance of Indian revolutionaries Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh to British workers.

Watch Godfrey's poem

A Poem for October

By Ella Rule

Hail th’October Revolution

Great step forward for the working man

All our lives are now much better

Before we couldn’t but now we can!

Ne’er more need woman be dependent

On her husband’s every whim

Soviet women blazed the pathway

To equality of her and him

At one time the dark skinned people

Had to call the white man “bass”

But the achievements of October

Have shown that all this racism’s crass.

The example of October

Brought freedom to China and DPRK,

Cuba, Vietnam and other countries

Who stand up with pride today

Until the Russian proletariat

Fought and seized the hour and day

Workers had no health or safety

Their fate was blindly to obey

Although in the hard struggle against reaction

The Soviet Union’s temporarily lost

Workers have seen from her example

How servility in the bin was tossed

And when capital was rent with crisis

And its workers starved and froze

Socialism grew ever stronger

And overcame the Nazi foes

As we yearn for liberation

To escape the capitalist mess

October shall be our inspiration

Because it promises us success

October greetings from an Australian comrade

I am sending you revolutionary greetings on this great occasion of the 94th anniversary of the glorious Great October Socialist Revolution! It is a time to celebrate not only that greatest of days 94 years ago, but also our continuing struggle against the wild beast of imperialism, in our home land and abroad, and to express our solidarity with the revolutionary patriots inflicting death blows on imperialism as we speak, from Palestine to Libya, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

This year we commemorate Great October with our hearts still heavy over the martyrdom of our heroic anti-imperialist brother, Colonel Gaddafi. Let us dedicate our struggles in the coming year to brother Gaddafi, and let us follow his example of never surrendering, never bowing, even in the face of imminent death, to the mad dogs of imperialism. We celebrate imperialism’s impending downfall, as it will drown in the blood of all anti-imperialist martyrs, whose bodies may be destroyed, but whose revolutionary spirit will forever guide us to victory!

Enjoy your night of celebrations comrades! Raise a toast to the immortal spirit of the Soviet Union, and to our great teachers, Comrades Lenin and Stalin, who first showed the proletariat and the oppressed, that a world without poverty, war, hunger, racism and exploitation was not a utopian dream, but in the reach of us all, guided by revolutionary theory.

Comrades, I would like to finish with the never-to-be-forgotten words of Comrade Lenin, which in light of the temporary success of reaction in Libya, ring even louder. “Only the proletarian socialist revolution can lead humanity out of the deadlock created by imperialism and imperialist wars. No matter what difficulties the revolution may encounter, and in spite of temporary setbacks or waves of counter-revolution, the final victory of the proletariat is inevitable.






MW, Australia