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[pdf 700 800][b]Introducing …[/b]

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Britain’s only consistently anti-imperialist and revolutionary political party, was founded in 2004.

Unlike all other political parties in Britain, our party has no interests separate from those of the international working class and oppressed peoples. We are proud to stand in the tradition, and to base ourselves on the teachings, of such great revolutionary leaders as Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

We stand in solidarity with nations and peoples around the world who are fighting imperialism, whether it is with a gun, a pen or a voice.

We support the brave men, women and children of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Venezuela, Nepal, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Somalia, Ireland etc in their struggles against imperialist aggression.

We defend and uphold the building of working-class power, socialism, both in the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and in such countries as China, Korea, Cuba and Vietnam today.

[b]Socialism is humanity’s bright future[/b]

You don’t have to reach far into the belly of the beast that is the bourgeois press to hear and read the lies that have been spread over the years about socialism. It won’t take them long to wheel out tired old lines like “It’s killed millions, hasn’t it?” Or the old favourite, “It’s never worked.”

The fact is that millions of people worldwide are still embracing the ideals Karl Marx and Frederick Engels laid before us 160 years ago in the [i]Manifesto of the Communist Party[/i].

For it is only when socialism has been hijacked by traitors such as Trotsky, Khrushchev and Gorbachev that it has failed, and it is these failures that are trumpeted by our bourgeois journalists and academics, who are paid to ignore, pass over, malign or abuse the heroic successes of socialist construction; successes that brought an immeasurably better life to hundreds of millions of people.

Millions of oppressed and superexploited peoples all over the globe, feeling the sharp end of imperialist aggression and exploitation, recognise that socialism holds the key to escaping forever from the downward spiral of poverty, disease and war that is all that imperialism offers to the overwhelming majority of humanity.

[b]Reformism in Britain[/b]

Even though the CPGB-ML is a relatively young party, many of our members have been active within the working-class revolutionary movement for many years.

We are the only organisation in Britain that both firmly opposes the Labour party, which represents the acceptable (ie, bourgeois) face of so-called ‘left’-wing politics, and consistently defends all socialist states and all anti-imperialist, national-liberation movements.

Sadly, today, the British working-class movement is permeated with reformism.

This means that instead of fighting against the whole system of oppression and exploitation, workers are, at best, encouraged merely to try to win small concessions from the ruling class within the framework of capitalism, while never questioning the real cause of their problems – capitalism itself.

Basically, while the ‘haves’ let the ‘have nots’ believe that that they are free to stand up for their [i]rights[/i], this is actually just rhetoric, designed to make the masses think that their voice will be heard, that their ballot paper will be counted, that concessions and change in their favour can be more than just a passing pacification tactic.

This is sadly far from the truth. A milder, less aggressive, more ‘acceptable’ and ‘ethical’ capitalism does not exist.

Reformist ideology is nothing but a prop for capitalism. It encourages the prejudice that it is possible to win a decent level of existence under capitalism.

It gives the false impression that if only we could make the capitalists [i]care[/i], if only they [i]knew about[/i] our suffering, they would be overcome with benevolence and would immediately set about putting things right.

[b]Organise for revolution![/b]

There can be no doubt that, in order for humankind to be freed from the evils of poverty and destruction, monopoly capitalism must be overthrown. There is no point talking about [i]nicer[/i] capitalism, or a return to small, ‘free market’ capitalism.

Imperialism is [i]ruthless[/i] and will not give up without a desperate, ferocious struggle. The capitalists really would prefer to be ‘dead than red’; they will always choose fascism over socialism, war and profit over human rights and equality.

As Lenin famously said, the only weapon the working class have in their battle against capitalism is [i]organisation[/i]; and without a disciplined party of the working class, steeled in revolutionary theory and practice, to lead the struggle for socialism, we have no chance of winning. The CPGB-ML strives to become such an organisation.

You can read more about our party and our policies on our website.