STOP PRESS: Glasgow workers reject Labour

The electorate of Glasgow East delivered a devastating blow to the Labour party in a 24 July by-election caused by the resignation of the sitting MP.

With a 22.54 percent swing from Labour to the Scottish National Party (SNP), on a 42 percent turnout, a Labour majority of 13,507 was turned into an SNP majority of 365. Glasgow East was formerly Labour’s third safest seat in Scotland.

The constituency is a damning indictment of decades of Labourism. The official unemployment rate is 25 percent. Male life expectancy is 68, which the SNP claims is lower than in Gaza (as estimated in 2006, before the current genocidal assault wave by Israel).

The voters of Glasgow East have shown that the working class is currently in no mood to be goaded into voting Labour, whatever the pleas of labour aristocrats and opportunists.