Communist seminar in Mexico City

The CPGB-ML recently took part in the 14th seminar of world political parties on building a new society, which took place in Mexico City from 11-13 March. Attending the seminar were delegations and delegates of more than 100 political parties and organisations from over 40 countries, including the DPRK, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Brazil and El Salvador, as well as members of the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Mexico and its party members.

Our party’s well-received paper was presented as part of the section of the seminar devoted to the world crisis of capitalism. It focused on how communists should respond to this crisis, and laid out the most crucial priorities in preparing the proletarian and oppressed masses for revolution.

Taking place in Latin America, with a preponderance of delegates from that region, there were also progressive elements participating who are not communists but who are working closely with communists in the battle against imperialism, especially US imperialism, which was perceived by many speakers as being in serious decline, creating great opportunities for countries that have hitherto been superexploited by it to free themselves from imperialist blood sucking.

Representatives of thousands of locked-out Mexican electricians also attended the seminar, seeking support for their action against the employers who have sacked them. As a country that is still very firmly tied to the imperialist chariot, Mexico is suffering more than most as a consequence of the economic crisis – with falling exports, investment and remittances, along with oil wells that are due soon to dry up.

In addition, its government is generally considered to be illegitimate, having stolen the last election. Important strikes are being maintained by workers in the mining industry as well as the electricians. The situation is explosive and it would be very surprising if it did not erupt soon into widespread revolt.

The seminar was most instructive and inspiring. The Workers’ Party of Mexico had organised it extremely well and were excellent hosts, and so many participants came from Latin American countries that are making real headway in the anti-imperialist struggle (Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil in particular) and in bringing about Latin American cooperation and unity.

It is genuinely heartening to hear how much Latin-American people are achieving in different ways in the hard struggle to exert their sovereignty, gain ascendancy over colonial elites, democratise their societies and use their own countries’ resources for their peoples’ benefit.